Joe Robach is Standing Up for Veterans

During his career in the Senate, Joe Robach has sponsored legislation that would positively affect the lives of those who have served their nation through military service. Through working with his colleagues in the Senate, Joe Robach has sought to sponsor legislation that would help veterans with the little things that honor their sacrifice to the country and shows New York State’s priority to recognizing the importance of veterans.

This first piece of legislation in the Senate Joe Robach sponsored is S493. This legislation would amend the Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation Law to provide free golf for veterans at any of the golf courses operated by the New York State Parks Department. Currently, the law states that a veteran must be at least forty percent disabled to qualify for free golf. By extending the courtesy of free golf to all veterans, the state would be offering a thank you on the behalf of all New Yorkers for their service and sacrifice on behalf of our state and country.

Another piece of legislation introduced by Joe Robach in the Senate is S6384. This legislation changes state education law to allow for anyone who is or has served in the military and is discharged honorably to be considered a resident of New York State when applying for and attending any New York community college of state aided four year college. By passing this law, veterans would qualify for instate tuition when attending SUNY colleges and universities, due to the federal G.I. bill not fully covering out of state tuition rates. By attending state colleges, veterans would see the advantages that New York State has to offer them as they continue their post-service lives.

S6109, legislation Joe Robach introduced in the Senate would seek to create a veterans’ assistance fund, funded through the creation of the veterans assistance scratch off lottery game. Other states have started similar lottery games to fund veterans’ assistance funds. Funds would be distributed to veterans through a direct grant program based on need.

With over one million veterans in New York State, Joe Robach believes that state government has an obligation to provide them with the assistance they need as they continue their lives. With the number to only increase as veterans return from Iraq and Afghanistan, there is no time to waste.