Joe Robach supports many important initiatives for veterans.  One such initiative is Operation Recognition. 

Operation Recognition certifies that WWII, Korean War and Vietnam veterans whose education was interrupted are entitled to receive their high school diplomas.  There is no fee for this service and no additional requirements beyond having attended a New York State school and served in the armed forces during wartime.  It is important to know that that a veteran can receive the diploma even after they have died – the child or spouse of a veteran may apply on the veteran’s behalf and accept a posthumous diploma.  Joe Robach believes that it is very important that veterans who served our country during these critical times in American history deserve their degree. 

Joe Robach wants to remind you that qualifying veterans must present one of the following as evidence of their service and service dates:

  • DD214 which is the Defense Department discharge form.  WD AGO Form 53-55 is also acceptable.
  • Honorable Discharge Certificate.  For persons discharged prior to the implementation of the DD214, this may be the only evidence. 
  • Special Discharge from the Coast Guard or Merchant  Marines.  Recently, individuals who served as merchant mariners in World War II were recognized as veterans of that war.  They are included in this initiative. 

For more information contact the office of Joe Robach.