This legislative session Joe Robach and the State Senate passed several initiatives to support veterans and those actively in the military.  Some of the veterans initiatives supported by Joe Robach this session include:

Hire A Vet Tax Credit – The Senate’s New Jobs-NY job creation program included an enhanced tax credit of up to $10,000 to any business that hires a veteran returning home from military service.

Disabled Veterans - The Senate passed legislation that would give greater access to state contracts to veterans who were disabled during their service. The bill would codify for New York an identical and highly successful program adopted for federal contracting.  Given the increase in the number of veterans and disabled veterans due to recent overseas conflicts, this bill would provide a small measure of recognition that this group of selfless men and women deserve.

Veteran Cemetery Markers – The Senate passed a bill that would prohibit the unauthorized sale of veteran cemetery markers that are over 75 years old, and would create the new crime of desecration of a veteran cemetery plot, grave or burial place.

Military Marriages – The Senate approved a measure, sponsored by Joe Robach, that waives the 24-hour waiting period for military members to get married after receiving a marriage license. This would apply to military members who are scheduled for deployment in less than 30 days.

For more information on veteran related issues, contact Joe Robach.