Today Joe Robach announced that Governor has signed SENATE Bill 6799 into law which requires that New York State Drivers Licenses or Identification Cards indicate the card holder is a veteran of the armed forces.

To gain this distinct honor, veterans must present proof of veteran’s status, such as a certificate of release or discharge from active duty, including, but not limited to, a DD Form 214 or other proof satisfactory to the Commissioner. Providers of veterans services at the state, local and even the federal level, do not currently have the ability to reach out to the veterans population, effectively or accurately. This driver’s license “check-off” will now allow the State of New York to finally communicate with the vast majority of veterans living in New York State.

This pro – veterans legislation was supported by Joe Robach and pass unianimously by the Senate last Legislative Session. Many businesses also offer discounts to veterans, and often time’s veterans do not have an easily available source of identification to prove their status. This bill will finally provide an ID card that is easy to carry, and is uniformly recognized. In the meantime, DMV will revise its application forms and make other accommodations to handle requests for a status mark. In addition, the review of documents supporting an honorable discharge from the armed forces will be an additional task for DMV staff during the license renewal process, and license renewals for those requesting a mark will be processed manually. Currently, routine renewals are processed automatically.

For more information about any veteran issue at the state level, contact Joe Robach.