Joe Robach and Local Veterans Honor Memorial Day

Memorial Day marks a time of remembering the brave men and women who have served our country and protected our rights as American Citizens. This Memorial Day weekend, Senator Joe Robach had the honor of attending a number of events around the community to demonstrate my appreciation for all that these courageous veterans have done and continue to do for us every day.

Senator Robach spent the holiday at events around the area such as those at the Town of Gates, Town of Parma, United States Post Office headquarters in Henrietta and Greece Olympia High School. He met with local heroes who served in the past and are here to share their valiant stories today as well as paying tribute to those who have fallen to insure the life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for us all.

At each event he made sure to let them know how proud he way to have been given the opportunity to speak at some these events and share my appreciation for the veterans and soldiers fighting to protect our rights. As a State Senator, it is extremely gratifying to see the community come together to celebrate this holiday. Although the recent weather has been uncharacteristic of the summer season, the sun seemed to shine a little brighter on Monday in honor of such a special occasion.

He felt blessed to have been given such a beautiful day to honor such extraordinary individuals in our community and throughout the country and could not have asked for a better way to honor the brave men and women who have fought and continue to fight for our freedom.